Predictive Dialer Remote Agent Setup Guide (Port Mapping)

Setting up a remote agent's computer normally involves configuring your server's internet and firewall setting (Port Mapping). 

The following are some key settings:

(Note: You'd better to contact your your ISP or company IT department to setup it.)

Make sure the Remote Agent software can access the Ecsow Predictive Dialer PC on a Local Area Network (LAN). A LAN is a set of computers connected to the same networking router. Once it is working from the LAN, then you know that the Ecsow Predictive Dialer is working and can be accessed from other computers at the same LAN.

The router setup. The router usually has two IP addresses. One IP address for internal access, referred to as Local Area Network (LAN) address. The other IP address is for outside access, referred to as Wide Area Network (WAN) address. The WAN IP address is used to connect to the outside internet. This is the address you need to know. If the Ecsow Predictive Dialer has running in the office and the office has a router for internet connection, in order to access the server computer from remote computer, you must know the WAN IP address of your router.

You can get LAN IP address and WAN IP address from your Internet Service Provider(ISP). Specifically, get the IP address you can use in order to access your router from outside.

You need to re-direct(Port Mapping) the router traffic for port 5061 (Ecsow Telephony Engineport) and port 5060 (Remote agent connecting port) to the server computer. You need to set it up for your router. Once set, any new connection to these two ports will be routed to the correct computer. 

Open Remote Agent Settings and specify the WAN IP address on "Domain" field, which is the IP address you get in the previous step.

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