How To Use Ecsow Auto Dialer

1, Installing the Auto Dialer on a Dialing Computer

Download Ecsow Auto Dialer software and follow on-screen instructions to install Auto Dialer on a computer.

2, Configuring the phone service

Ecsow software can use several phone services: VOIP phone service (such as SkypeConnect, Vonage, Callcentric, any SIP trunk provider, etc); a PBX system with SIP extensions (such as Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk, etc).  (Note: Single line version also support Desktop of Skype.)

Click Ecsow menu Tools > Options > SIP Account tab to input your SIP account information.

It will show connected to the SIP service on Ecsow main window.

3, Import call list by click Ecsow menu Import > Import CSV File.

 Click the menu Import > Improt CSV file

You will need to specify which of your columns from your call list will be placed on Predictive Dialer’s “Name” and “Phone Number” columns.

4, Click the Start Dialing button to start the auto dialing.

Please note you need to specify 1 for US phone number, where 1 is the country code. You can set this at Ecsow menu Tools  > Options > General tab.


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